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WP4 : Physiological role in reproduction and adaptation to global changes in non-conventional marine models?


Neuropeptide/receptor pairs (WP3) of potential implication in the control of reproduction, according to their molecular family (WP2) and/or tissue expression (WP3) is further studied in the marine non-conventional models of the participants (Eel, Oyster, Cuttlefish, Coral). Investigation  include in vitro experiments (primary cell cultures and tissue explants, as already developed by the partners), in vivo experiments in aquarium facilities of the partner Institutions, as well as field studies, in order to assess the role of selected neuropeptides and their receptors in the neuroendocrine control of reproduction, and provide the bases of their responses to environmental factors (focusing for this project on the effects of temperature).
This project offers the unique opportunity to engage a wide comparative survey of the roles of neuropeptides in the integration of global changes and their consequence on reproduction and associated regulatory processes in phylogenetically distant animals.