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WP1 : What is the diversity of neuropeptides and receptors in distant animal species?


The partners of this project  contribute to the recent sequencing of the genomes and transcriptomes of the chosen models: Anguilla sp draft genomes and transcriptomes, oyster genome and transcriptomes, cuttlefish transcriptomes and coral transcriptomes. We have also been able recently to establish the neuropeptidome (the whole set of  neuropeptides produced) in C. gigas using a combined approach involving genomic data mining and mass spectrometry analyses of nervous tissue extracts. A similar approach is underway for S. officinalis. This successful approach is applied to characterize the neuropeptidomes of the eel Anguilla and the coral E. ancora. This  give a good picture of the variety of neuropeptides expressed in our studied species. In parallel, BLAST screening of the assembled genomic resources available is carried out to generate the GPCR repertoire for each species of interest.