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WP0 : Project management / Coordination


The success of the project is directly associated to the quality of the connections and feedback between the partners. All the partners including the Taiwanese partners are University, CNRS and INSERM groups that have shown in the past their ability to work together.
More importantly, the six partners possess complementary expertise and skills in the molecular, cellular and physiological fields, as well as in immunology, peptide chemistry and biophysics.
In order to follow step by step the progress of this project, the French and Taiwanese coordinators will be in close contact by e-mail. They will be responsible for the interaction with the ANR and NSC committees, including the submission of six month-reports and for the disbursement of funds for approved activities within all the partners. The coordinators will chair steering committees every six months with each partner scientific manager. The general decisions concerning the project will be taken during these meetings. In addition, a least one meeting will be organized in each of the foreign partner’s country (mid-time progress meeting and final meeting). The coordinators, in consultation with all partners, will monitor progresses of the project, decide on indications about the risk taken by some scientific choice and guide future work accordingly. Ad-hoc visio conferences will be arranged to deal with specific technical, contractual or other issues as they arise. The consortium will decide on indications about scientific dissemination and patent deposit when suitable. In addition to the six month-reports and project meetings, people involved in this work will be kept abreast monthly by e-mail and visio conferences and all decisions concerning the main scientific choices will be taken based on mutual consensus. This tight coordination is crucial in a project where continuous feedback among the partners is required. On the basis of the inputs from the partners regarding progresses of the tasks, the coordinators will layout and diffuse the six month progress internal reports and the annual reports. These reports will contain also the milestones and deliverable reports. The coordinators will dedicate 20% of their time to the project management. This coordination will include: i) the organization of the progress meetings with the different partners; ii) the writing of the 6 month-reports; iii) the collection and validation of the individual contributions of the partners and iv) scientific vigil of symposia related to the project.