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Research Unit BOREA 7208 "Biology of Aquatic ORganisms and Ecosystems"


Partner 1 (P1) is a joint research unit (UMR 7208 BOREA) (1) CNRS, (2) Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN), (3) IRD and the (4-6) Universities of Caen Normandie (UNICAEN), Sorbonne University, and Guadeloupe. Director: Dr S. Dufour. The research group has a long lasting expertise in studies on the neuroendocrine systems of teleost fishes (S. Dufour, N. Kamech, K. Rousseau,) and molluscs (L. Bonnaud, MP. Dubos, P. Favrel, C. Gaudin-Zatylny, J. Henry,). It has built a solid experience in the production and analysis of genomics as well as proteomics/peptidomics data from exotic poorly studied animal models (eel, oyster and cuttlefish) for which they have developed specific in vivo and in vitro assays (cell or organ culture, reverse pharmacology methodology…) to unravel their neuroendocrine pathways. This group has recently coordinated and/or participated to many regional, national, European and international cooperative projects (Vème Plan Régional Basse-Normandie; ANR: Puberteel, Gametogenes, Immorteel, Gimepeg, SalTemp; EU FP7: REPROSEED, PRO-EEL ESCOR Marie Curie; Life Alosa) as well as with private companies (AQUATIV‐PET FOOD SA, SATMAR). This group has active patents on antibacterial and anticancer peptides. In 2012, a “Grand prix de l’Académie des Sciences”, “Taiwan-France Science and Technology Award” (2012), was awarded to S. Dufour and C.F. Chang (international partner (P5) of this project) for their collaborative work on the neuroendocrinology of marine organisms. P1 possesses sea and aquaria facilities via its connected Marine station of UNICAEN to perform rearing and controlled experiments. Being part of SFR ICORE of UNICAEN “” P1 has free access to SFR genomics/proteomics as well as microscopy platforms.