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Université de CAEN - Normandie (Unicaen)
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Research topics

Jérémy Pasquier defend his PhD in the BOREA unit on the "Evolution of the neuroendocrine control of the reproduction : origin and role of the kisspeptin system" under the supervision of Dr. Sylvie Dufour. He demonstrated that the diversity of kisspeptins and its receptors resulted from the two first round of whole genome duplication that took place in the early stages of vertebrate evolution. He also demonstrated that kisspeptin system can exert an inhibitory effect on the vertebrate reproductive function, in particular on the European eel (Anguilla anguilla) reproductive function.
He integrated the LPGP at the INRA of Rennes in order to improve his skills in compared physiology and he worked on high throughput analyzes of transcriptomic data from various marine vertebrates. His research was also focused on identification of conserved genes involved in reproductive function across vertebrate lineage.
He came eventually to work as temporary assistant professor in Caen University in which he teaches animal physiology and anatomy. He is also involved in the development of inverse pharmacology and desorphanisation of Crassostera gigas neuropeptide receptors in the BOREA unit. This work will be performed in the frame of the ANR NEMO.