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Université de CAEN - Normandie (Unicaen)
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Research topics

Control of gamete release and related behaviors in marine mollusks.
Main model: the cuttlefish Sepia officinalis.

Three types of regulatory peptides are studied: (1) neuropeptides associated with the trigger of spawning, (2) ovarian peptides involved in the control of the transport of oocytes in the genital tract and secretion of capsular products (3) waterborne sex pheromones involved in mating and aggregation of mates on the egg-laying area. Production of very large batches of transcriptomic data has allowed performing focused in silico analyses on the basis of structural criteria and identifying expression products by mass spectrometry. A list of (neuro)peptides candidates for the studied regulations was finally established on the basis of tissue and temporal expression profiles.
The functional approach is based on myotropic bioassays (contraction of the oviduct, etc.), cellular assays (ovarian follicle) and behavioral tests.
A comparative approach is also developed on the Sepia officinalis and Crassostrea gigas models in order to understand the respective levels of involvement of the three types of regulators identified in marine mollusks to lifestyles and very different reproductive behaviors (thesis funded Basse-Normandie, 2014-2017).


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