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Université de CAEN - Normandie (Unicaen)
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Research topics

My research project focuses on the development and data mining of genomic, transcriptomic and peptidomic resources in a bivalve mollusk model, the cupped oyster Crassostrea gigas. This species of economic interest, by belonging to the clade of Lophotrochozoa is also, in a comparative context, an interesting model for addressing the evolution of neuroendocrine systems in bilaterian. In this perspective, after the recent structural identification of a majority of neuropeptides expressed in C. gigas, my work now centers on the functional characterization of receptor / ligand couples through the application of reverse endocrinology methodologies. This should lead to the characterization of new physiologically relevant regulator systems in mollusks and give insights into the origin and the evolution of certain neuroendocrine regulatory pathways.


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